Embracing Barbie's Influence in Golf Fashion Trends

Seeing a lot of pink golf outfits on the course these days? Welcome to the year of Barbie!

You can spot Barbie from a mile away at the clubhouse with her fabulous pink outfits and entourage close by. 

Not all pink outfits are made the same, though. In fact, “Shrink it and Pink it” is still a prevalent concept where clothing brands will take existing men’s styles, change the color to pink and shrink it down to a size that some women might wear. A total Ken Move, don’t you think?

Fortunately, the world of women’s golf fashion is quickly changing and the ‘frumpy’ and ‘‘matronly’ outfits are (almost) a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the golf outfits where you feel like you are swimming (or swinging) in an unflattering sea of fabric!

When designing Coconads’ inaugural Flutter collection, Founder and CEO Nadia Ward’s philosophy was to create a more fitted look that still left room for the body to breathe. For Coconads’ tops, since they are the perfect length, you can decide to tuck them in or leave them out and still look great. For Coconads’ skorts, the fitted design provides ample coverage ensuring the skort doesn’t fly up in the wind for unwanted exposure.  

Playful Elegance: Channeling Barbie's Style with Coconads on the Course

Aside from her fashion, Barbie is also a symbol of empowerment for women of all walks of life. Let’s not forget, golf is a traditionally male-dominated sport and women are fighting hard to break stereotypes and pursue their passions. This is why when Barbie is on the tee box, Ken’s comments don’t phase her.

Similarly, when women are golfing in Coconads outfits, they have an elevated sense of confidence to stand their ground and play their best. In fact, many of the Flutter Collection’s products incorporate the butterfly design to symbolize the metamorphosis of women on and off the course. It’s no surprise Barbie and Coconads go so well together. 

So the next time you (or your golfing partner) want to look and feel your best on the course, be like Barbie and play in Coconads!  

We’ll leave you with this… “It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever” - xoxo Barbie

December 08, 2023 — Nadia Ward

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