Coconads, the women's golf brand, pronounced "cocoa-nods," was born from the shared love of golf, fashion, and travel by the company's founders, Nadia and Colin. The name originated from joining both of their lifelong nicknames, Coco (Colin) and Nads (Nadia) when they first started dating in 2017 and has since become their unofficial celebrity couple name. Together they can accomplish anything and are passionate and determined to make golf a more equitable experience for women!

Nadia started playing golf in 2018. She loved to travel the world, going to different courses, while improving her game, but she could never find an outfit that made her feel confident or that matched the incredible beauty of these luxurious clubs and resorts. In November 2020, she felt a calling to a greater mission to create the brand she desired that would help welcome and empower more women to play golf and feel fabulous in her fashion forward designs.
Coconads is inspired by the millions of women in this world who love to be fancy, fun, and fabulous and don't want to compromise that on and off the course. Coconads will bring confidence through clothing and spirit to golf fashionistas worldwide.

The Founders Love Story
In August 2016, Nadia and Colin met for the first time in San Francisco. Nadia sold Colin a music festival ticket through craigslist, and little did they know that this would be the start of an incredible adventure together. They didn't go on their first date until January 2017, when Nadia asked Colin to go snowboarding in Tahoe with her for an entire weekend. Colin said yes - they both took a chance and have been inseparable since. Fast forward, six years later, they decided to forego a glamorous wedding as a sacrifice to start this mission-driven company and eloped in Las Vegas in March 2022 on St. Patrick's Day - the luckiest day of the year ;) Check out #coconads to follow our love journey.